Thứ Năm, 4 tháng 9, 2014

Azon Video Vault

…most significantly, the way to really create real, reliable money on that.

Turns out that the review sites, SEO, and ancient strategies area unit dead (which add up as a result of they’ve ne'er worked for me)…

But that a singular new variety of Amazon Review videos area unit whole crushing it!

Anton and Engr have come back up with an excellent means for you to use this verified Amazon Affiliate Strategy while not EVER being on video and with none OF THE WORK attached  video.
Let’s reword it first– It’s associate amazon product review video vault. Or could also be it are often known as “Azon Affiliate Commission Cheque vault”. Seriously.
Who doesn’t grasp the ability of videos on youtube? the ability of videos on conversion?

Okay, let’s cut the B.S here. we tend to area unit glad glad and glad to mention that we’ve taken the worst nightmare of your customers on our shoulder… Videos. and that they apprehend for peanuts.
Needless to say, we tend to created mass investment in terms of your time and cash and spent weeks tweaking the funnel to confirm best launch profit and revenant financial gain within the coming back months for our revered affiliates.
What options of Aon Video vault
Front End- it’s a vault of custom created, prime quality pack of twenty distinctive amazon product review videos. we tend to peaked one in every of the highest passion driven niche wherever individuals pay cash over and over and keep defrayment always. “Coffee Niche”. we tend to employed video professionals with verified chronicle for conversion to create these videos for this your customers. we tend to area unit thus wired hand these babies for peanuts.
OTO1 – “More the videos, additional the money”. OTO1 is predicated on this theme. And is intended for higher profit each for you and your awing customers UN agency is aware of. sixty videos on kitchen appliance niche. All totally different merchandise.
OTO2 – Monthly membership arrange. “We serve the contemporary on a silver platter”. each month, your customers are given with thirty fresh videos. Same quality or higher. All they need to try and do is use them and count the commissions. we tend to do the niche choice, video creation etc.
We suggest you intend your promos means ahead for OTO2 and set special bonus for this one. Cos this is often wherever you begin a life time(or a minimum of an extended term) financial gain stream. you recognize guys, if done right, one membership arrange will cause you associate early retirement. however regarding that? merely offer Pine Tree State or Anton a shout if you would like something.
Downsell1- Not everybody desires to take a position on videos. we tend to perceive that. We’ve all been there. we tend to unbroken those guys and gals on budget in mind and Downsell1 serves them with ten videos for a $10 off.